Flexiva Received UL 2043 certification for one of it's patented products: EXIVA

January 15, 2017

The patented product of ISIL Engineering Corp., which produces about twenty years in the field of flexible air ducts, is EXIVA, UL LLC. Tested at the company's Illionis Laboratories and received UL certification. EXIVA was developed by the ISIL Engineering R & D team and was a "first" facility, allowing flexible ventilation ducts to be installed in the main ventilation duct, distribution points, all types of fans, devices and ventilation equipment. Işıltak, which improves the stability while shortening the installation time, shows resistance up to 450 N load compared to standard channels that are shaved from the throat under 50-100 N load. Regarding the topic, Marketing Coordinator Umut Uluçay gave the following information: "EXIVA, polypropylene is produced in the diameter range of 102-305 mm. With EXIVA, which has heat resistance between -30 ̊C and +150 ̊C, it is possible to install fast and smoothly even with narrow space even with less equipment. It allows the flexible air duct to be stretched to the maximum level, preventing the loss of high pressure and the accumulation of dust particles in the duct. It is possible to adjust the balance in the system in the clapper type. EXIVA once again proved the right of intense interest in the industry with its UL certificate. "