Our mission;

We are working With R&D based, innovative and the our high-efficiency production facilities we have, to meet optimum cost and fast service, quality, durable,healthy and environmentally friendly flexible air duct demand of Turkey and worldwide HVAC markets.

Our vision;

Flexible air duct production and marketing issues; Being the closest follower of the technology and continuously analyzing the needs of the market and becoming the leading company in the world HVAC market sector.

All of the Flexiva product range and production technology have been developed in company's own R & D department. This development is continuing with new technological investments continuously under the "Sustainable Development" mentality of ISIL A.S. This approach provides Flexiva with the "leading brand of innovation focused on the market" position. While R & D efforts provide the ability to produce products with creative innovation at optimum cost, they also add value to the investor by reducing the installation time and costs. While working on the technical dimension of the products and technologies to be developed, Flexiva R & D Group considers the products to be the most indispensable condition to have the highest sensitivity to human health and environment.