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Flexiva SKY's Fire Resistance Classified as Class1

The Flexiva SKY Series Flexible Air Ducts were classified as Class 1 as a result of tests conducted at the Exova Warrington Fire Extinguishing Laboratories in the UK. The SKY series, which earned the trust of customers as "flameless channels," crowned this fame with the Class 1 class certificate.
Information note: The UK Standards BS 476 or German Standards DIN 4102 are used and considered widely in our country for fire tests conducted at different criteria according to the countries. BS 476 Part 6 and Part 7 fire tests are preferred, especially for flexible ventilation ducts. BS 476 Part 6; Test method of the fire participation of the products, Part 7; This includes the method of classifying flame propagation on the surfaces of products. BS 476 Part 7 describes a test method and classification system for measuring flame lateral spreading on the surface of a product sample. It provides the appropriate data for comparing the performance of the materials. The test carried out in the prefabricated system with the appropriate surface for the test and the appropriate number of samples ensures that the product is classified as class 1, 2, 3 or 4 in terms of flame spread.