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Flexiva renewed it's M0 Certificate

May 15, 2017

The French government has renewed the Flexiva's M0 certificate of the CSTB (Center Scientifique et Technique du Bâtiment) which an accreditation foundation established to conduct research and technical approvals in building materials and systems and to include the French Ministry of Housing.

CSTB, the leading accrediting laboratory on Fire Response Tests, documented the fireproofness of FLEXIVA WIND.

Produced according to TS EN 13180 Standards, Flexiva qualified to pass M0 certification according to the French norms (Burner Test NF P 92-503: 1995 and Calorific Burning Heat Test Tests NF EN ISO 1716: 2013) through fire response tests. The certificate will remain valid for 5 years starting March 9, 2017.