ARTIST Fiber Presented to the Market
with Breakthrough Innovations in the Sector.

Flexiva's innovative product, which will lead to radical changes in the flexible air ducts; Artist series "patented" product; In practice it has a one-time mounting ease and an esthetic appearance. It is airtight, flame proof. It prevents the formation of fungi, mold and bacteria in the canal. It has the ability to flex, bend, and compress. It also provides antimicrobial solution thanks to silver ion technology. ARTIST Fiber  stands out among the unrivaled features;

  • Protects your health by using polyester fiber instead of glass fiber as insulation material.
  • According to channels that use glass wool as insulation material during application, saving time, workmanship and materials. Because the product is a single piece, it prevents installation errors.
  • Insulated flexible ducts with the highest qualification to be purchased offer competitive price ranges with conventional channels.
  • Insulation material is fully laminated with inner tube and outer jacket. Thanks to this lamination, there is no air gap in between and the heat insulation is maximized.
  • There is no deformation due to crushing and twisting during packaging. When the product is removed from the box, it is ready for assembly.

ISIL Corp.., which produces the technologies that will lead the flexible channel market from its establishment to this day, is getting ready to meet with the foreign brand of the global brand Flexiva's ARTIST Fiber series. The first stop for the international promotion of ARTIST Fiber will be the ISH Fair in Frankfurt between 14-18 March 2017.